Aura Readings

The Aura is the electromagnetic field which surrounds the physical body.

It is your spiritual energy system, fundamental to every aspect of your health.

It is your vibe.

The energy you are emitting, transmitting and admitting.

In other words, it is an energetic cycle; that which you give out and receive.

The benefits of knowing information about your unique aura are vast.

The size, positioning, colours, shapes and sometimes even beings which can be picked up on through an examination of your field, can reveal real information which cannot be faked, surrounding your physical, mental and spiritual health.

Your thoughts, feelings, special gifts and sometimes life purpose can be identified, (the knowledge of which) can empower you with good counsel- to identify and release blocks.

Because the future is not fixed, with the knowledge surrounding your current auric health and good guidance, you have the ability to easily change your course at any time.

all living things have an aura, and recognising deep self-sabotaging thoughts and patterns (brought on through limiting beliefs) through a reading can assist you in raising your conciousness, in expanding and strengthening your energy field, so that you can truly decide and begin to create a life that you both desire and deserve.

“There is only one corner of the universe you can be sure of improving and that is your own self”