Welcome to Oracle Readings 1111

Hello beautiful, thank you for being here. If you are interested in receiving an energy reading/ healing and any from the following list resonate with you, I am certain I am able to assist you. 🙂

If however none from the list resonate, please do not make the assumption that we cannot assist you, toward your goals and ultimately your life satisfaction.

The following list is by no means full and complete, but merely a real example of reasons for requesting a reading/ healing.

Please do send an email if you are still unsure, to receive a free evaluation, so that you can make a decision confidently with regards to the entrusting and utilisation of service found here.

You feel sometimes bound or limited by emotional and mental pain?

You are interested in receiving an in-depth reading to provide spiritual guidance, which can assist, to elevate your physical reality? This can be within any area of your life (relationships, health, money, friendship and so forth).

You feel as though you’re unable to control your emotions or as if your emotions and sensitivity are used against you by others to manipulate and control You?

You sometimes feel helpless to, or as if you are playing passenger to Your life. Living inauthentically, perhaps to appease others?

You crave a different reality. You desire liberation, freedom, peace and strength?

Does life feel heavy? Do you feel unable to thrive and perhaps suffer with depression, anxiety, low self- esteem, confusion and/or overwhelm?

Do you have some life trauma from which you find great difficulty in addressing and/ or moving past and perhaps require some divine counsel and assistance to understanding and heal?

Perhaps you feel a little lost, life feels unexciting, flat, shallow and you can’t seem to connect to a real sense of purpose?

You are aware that sometimes you run away from yourself and/ or others, certain environments, due to feeling an overwhelm of fear and inability to cope?

You would like assistance with the “seeing” and with the alchemy of dense energy blocks, to further elevate your consciousness?

You’re interested in manifestation and elevation of energy. Happy to undertake inner work to come alive through truly knowing your limitlessness?

You would like me to be a channel to advise, surrounding any indecision you are pondering, within your life?

Well lovelies I will assure you, you’ve certainly came to the right place! I am most delighted, able and truly excited to assist! “Reasons” for desiring an oracle/ auric energy reading and healing are certainly NOT limited to the above list. If you are unsure as to whether I can truly be of useful assistance to you, please do not hesitate to email me before a purchase!

Now for a little about the process… and please, if you do find any of the following information difficult to comprehend, worry not! I do of course meet you at yours! Meaning I intuitively pick up on your level of awareness, perception, consciousness to provide you with a understandable and truly useful reading, personal to you.

Using Spiritual Alchemy to shift perception and energy, I utilise my awakened extrasensory abilities and combine with the physical tool of the oracle, and sometimes tarot, to provide you with an in-depth and accurate energy reading and healing.

Unveiling truths and assisting to shift consciousness, so that you may unveil your real spiritual brilliance and begin to know how to easily master your reality.

Real, effective manifestation on the physical plane relies upon your personal spiritual growth. This requires the working through of energetic blocks/ binds, through understanding/ inner-standing/ over-standing which is where your ability to finally move beyond any emotional, mental and even physical pain to truly release yourself from the grips and binds of a limited reality, is found. Using extrasensory gifts I am able to pick up on your current vibrational frequency and assist you personally with inner- work, which can through your choice, lead to an entire life transformation!

So if you are ready to take the leap and shift to power from pain, begin the process of accessing your supernatural abilities through aligning with your multidimensionality, and raising your awareness and thus energy, to enable powerful conscious creation and manifestation at ease. Consider booking a reading with me!

The time is truly now to begin accessing and aligning with your soul. Here’s to Power, Peace, Purpose and Prosperity.

~WW Alchemist x